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Russia Clients Visited MAXIZM Office

On June 14, 2024, Russia's important trading partners visited Shanghai , MAXIZM Company, and the two sides launched in-depth and friendly negotiations on the upcoming cooperation. This meeting focused on new orders for crawler excavators. Our team carefully prepared detailed


Armenian Clients Visited Machine Factory

For our Armenian clients of Alibaba, we meticulously prepared, ensuring that the product information for the excavator was comprehensive, and carefully planned the visit schedule for our clients. During the meeting, the client inspected the machine with their Chinese friend, and


Russia Clients Visited EONMAC Office

On June 14, 2024, esteemed Russian clients graced our Shanghai EONMAC headquarters with their presence, eager to discuss the prospects of a new order for our state-of-the-art crawler excavators.The meeting was marked by a lively exchange of ideas as we delved into the specifics of


Algeria Client Visited HYUNDAI And XCMG Factory

On May 31, when we submitted a detailed offer to this client, their terminal department immediately expressed strong interest and intention. However, since this is the first cooperation between our two sides, the client decided to visit our factory in China in person to make sure


Nigeria Client Visited XCMG Factory

Not long ago, the client excitedly informed us over the phone that his upcoming flight would arrive in China in the near future and specifically mentioned his keen interest in the ZL50GN loader. He described in detail how the loader had excelled in the industry and how it could mee


Sweden Client Visited XCMG Factory

A terminal client was very interested in our machine while browsing our website. He immediately contacted us to ask about the price and expressed his willingness to visit our production line in China after learning the price. We know the machine model and brand that the client wan


Bhutan Clients Visited MAXIZM Office

My old clients, who had previously purchased shotcrete machines from me, had informed me that they were visiting China for the renowned Canton Fair. Their primary purpose was to explore the latest tunnel machinery and shotcrete machines, as they were keen on expanding their operat


Algeria Client Visited EONMAC

Before April 25, the staff confirmed the client's itinerary. Then, the staff went to the hotel to pick up the client to the company, show the client to the company, and give a brief introduction to the company's brand and products. After understanding the client's more detailed n


Russian Client Visited Machine Factory

The client informed me that he had arrived in China and wanted to visit the factory today to inspect the dumpers. I went to the hotel, picked up the client, and provided an introduction of our company and related products. Then we proceeded to tour the factory. The client test-dro


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